Probationer Grade Work

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Symbol for Probationer

DEFINING THE GRADE: Purpose and Method

RITUAL: Circle Casting

Liber CC, Liber Resh Vel Helios
Adorations to the sun to be performed daily by the Aspirant. Carefully following the instructions and performing the ritual as often as is possible. Three consecutive days is the minimum requirement for a Probationer.

SPELL CONSTRUCTION: Charging of the talismans.


Liber IV, Liber ABA (Part 1) 
Practical introduction to the study of Yoga. Attempt all of the exercises carefully recording any progress or lack thereof.

Liber VI, Liber O Vel Manus et Sagittæ (Chapters 5 & 6)
A method of attaining astral visions and instruction for Rising on the Planes. Read and diligently attempt the exercises listed throughout, carefully recording any progress or lack thereof.

Liber IX, Liber E Vel Excercitiorum
Introductory information and exercises, targeted to the Probationer, dealing with the importance and method of keeping the Magick Record, clairvoyance, basic yoga, physical capacity, and a reading course. Read and attempt the exercises listed throughout, carefully recording any progress or lack thereof. 

Liber CMXIII, Liber Viæ Memoriæ
Method for attaining the magical memory and memory of past lives. Read, endeavor and record the results.

Additional Meditations
Soul Gaze, Eye of the Beholder

MEMORIZATION: Liber X or one chapter of Liber LXV.

ESSAY: Suitability of Initiation – answering the question: “Am I determined to devote my life to the attainment of my Initiation?” 

Liber DCCCLXVIII, Liber Viarum Viæ
Graphical account of magical powers classified under the Tarot Trumps. Write a short essay explaining the chart.

QABALAH: Construction of a Gematria List.

REQUIRED READING LIST: The instructions given for each book on the required reading list informs the Probationer as to the context under which to approach the books. The books have been listed in the order of their numerical designation with unnumbered items listed at the bottom.

The Probationer must make proper notes in their records when reading any of the books on this list. For example, while reading Liber II, the Probationer should write down the lines comprising the Law of Thelema followed by the simple definition for both lines as given in the book. This is what is meant by {read}. While studying any of the holy books, unknown symbolism striking a cord inside the mind of the Probationer should be recorded and researched. This is what is meant by {study}.

Liber II, The Message of the Master Therion
Simple and concise explanation of the Law of Thelema written in language easily comprehended by all who read it. {Read.}


Liber IV, Liber ABA (Part 2)
Straightforward and informative introduction of the tools employed in Ritual Magick. {Read.}


Liber X, Liber Porta Lucis
An account of the sending forth of the Master Therion by the A A {Study. Memorize Liber X or a chapter of Liber LXV.}


Liber XIII, Liber Graduum Montis Abiegni
An account of the task of the Aspirant from Probationer to Adept. {Read and copy (draw) the diagram into the Magick Record.}


Liber XXX, Liber Libræ
The book of balance containing a syllabus of virtues and a course in morality. {Read and study.}


Liber XXXIII, An Account of the A A
A brief account of the A A including its formation, mission, and methods. {Read.}  


Liber LXI, Liber Vel Causæ
Preliminary and Historical lections intended for those individuals considering initiation. {Read.}


Liber LXV, Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente
An account of the relations of the Aspirant with his Holy Guardian Angel. Divided into five chapters, one for each element. {Study. Memorize one chapter of Liber LXV or the entirety of Liber X.}


Liber LXXVII, Liber Oz
The Rights of Man. A practical commentary on the Law of Thelema suitable to the understanding of the general populace. {Read and hand–write the one page document into the Magick Record.}


Liber XC, Liber Tzaddi Vel Hamus Hermeticus
An account of Initiation, and an indication as to those who are suitable for the same. {Read.}  


Liber CL, Liber CL Vel לענ, A Sandal, De Lege Libellum
An explanation, containing a measure of depth and insight useful to the Probationer, for the Law of Thelema, sectioned into that of Liberty, Love, Life, and Light (L–L–L–L). {Read and study.}  


Liber CCVII, A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of the A A 
Overview of the A A system of instruction, including details of the method. {Read.}


Liber CCXX, Liber AL Vel Legis, The Book of the Law
Containing the Law of Thelema and heralding the Age of Horus. {Read and study. This is the foundation of the whole work.}


Liber CCC, Khabs am Pekht
Promulgation of the Law of Thelema. {Read.}


Liber DCCCXXXVII, The Law of Liberty
Commentary and explanation of ethical issues that arise in The Book of the Law. {Read.}


Liber CMLXIII, The Treasure–House of Images
A superb collection of Litanies appropriate to the Signs of the Zodiac. {Read}.


Postcards to Probationers, Aleister Crowley 
Detailed invitation to Candidates seeking initiation into the A
 A. {Read.}


One Star in Sight, Aleister Crowley
Detailed information on the curriculum of the A
 A including the nature of the grades. {Study.}


Little Essays Towards Truth, Aleister Crowley
Sixteen concepts fundamental to human existence in the light of the Qabalah. {Read.}

Advancement: Self Initiation