Probationer Grade Charging Talismans

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RESULT: The Magick Record and Journal successfully charged and ready for use as a record of the grade and as a talisman to bind the words to the knowledge and events.

FORMULA: (Gathering Energy + Imprinting Energy) * Channeling Energy = Charging Talisman

PROCEDURE: Ready a suitable state of being for the Magician, gather energy by chanting, channel energy by contact, then anointing the objects with the Oil (Abramelin Oil) and a blessing.

IMPLEMENTS: Books suitable for use as a Magick Record and Magick Journal, two candles, and incense.

The candles, books, oil and incense are arranged and lit, then left long enough for the incense fumes to fill the work area. In this way the Magician enters the area in the candlelight and immediately savors the strong scent

Every action and effort must be done with reverence. Upon sitting with legs crossed, the Magician pauses, gathering intent, and slowly, firmly places a hand on each book.

The chant continues until the hands are numb and yet impassioned with the flow of energy. If true success is achieved, the books, now talismanic tools, will shimmer as if glowing from the infused energies stained upon them. This shimmering may not be possible to see until the Student achieves some success in developing the Higher-Sight in the Neophyte grade. Nevertheless, anyone of a higher grade will be able to verify the results.

The anointing with oil is accomplished by dabbing, with the finger, oil along the three open sides of the books. While dabbing each book the blessing is spoken. The blessing is customized to the nature of each talisman. That being the Magick Record as the omnibus of knowledge, and the Magick Journal as the examination of knowledge.

Each blessing can be followed by the snuffing of a candle, leaving the Magician in darkness suitable for a moment of reflection, before retiring from the working space.

Note: Using the charts in Liber DCCLXXII, the Probationer must determine the suitable nature for everything included in the spell. From what type of candles and incense are used, to ensuring the language reflects the nature chosen. For example, if it is determined that the result will be accomplished by attributing everything in the spell to YESOD, then the Candles would be white or beeswax (suitable to the Moon which is in the house of YESOD) and the incense would be Lavender or some other virginal scent. After selecting a suitable nature (theme), a list of all attributes is made using the appropriate and this list provides assistance in the writing, and, more importantly, the tone of the writing.