Philosophus Grade Work

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Tree of Life for the Philosophus Grade 

DEFINING THE GRADE: Purpose and Method

WEAPON: Construction of the Wand and completion of the first operation (instruction).

RITUAL: Liber V, Mark of the Beast
Requires success in the invoking of the energies of the aeon. The level of completion necessary is only possible if equaled by the devotion of the Aspirant. 

Practical Operations.

MEDITATIONS: Control of Action, Bhakti Yoga, Key of it All.

Liber III, Liber Jugorum
Liber CLXXV, Liber Astarte Vel Berylli
Liber XVI, Liber Tvrris Vel Domus Dei
Liber VI, Liber O Vel Manus et Sagittæ
 (Chapter 5 & 6)  

Additional Instructions



Liber LV, The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua with the seven Lances that he brake
An account of initiation in the language of Alchemy, providing one model of the movements through the lower grades. Contains elements intended to aid the Philosophus in the task assigned to Liber CCXX.  {Read).

Liber LIX, Across the Gulf
The history of the vision of a past life containing elements intended to aid the Philosophus in the task assigned to Liber CCXX. {Read}.

Liber CCXX, Liber AL Vel Legis, The Book of the Law
Having come to an understanding of the Law of Thelema, building the four-fold method of Will, delving into the basic structure of the book, and applying understanding – the Philosophus comes to know more of the nature of the Great Work. {Study}.

Liber CCXLII, Aha!
The conversation between student and teacher of the several ways of attainment and the results obtained. {Read}.

Liber CXCVII, The High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his following of the Questing Beast
A poetic account of the Great Work and contains elements intended to aid the Philosophus in the task assigned to Liber CCXX. {Read}.

Liber CCCXXXV, Adonis
A dramatic play of the struggle of the human and divine elements in the consciousness of man. {Read}.

Liber DCCCXIII, Vel Ararita
The true nature of the Hexagram. {Study, memorize one chapter}.

Science and Buddhism (from the Collected Works of Aleister Crowley)
The virtues and flaws inherent to Buddhism (included in a comparative to the scientific methods), with substantial detail provided in the extraction of the useful components of the religion. {Read}.

Advancement: Self Initiation