Philosophus Grade Wand

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The Wand is first symbolically constructed, as the word of the will, being an attainment to a certain level of control, which sparks the spiritual-fire at the core of every star – and these are one. Thus is the Wand compatible and complimentary to the element of fire, and the creative energies found therein.

It is important to the Philosophus to comprehend the nature of the Wand (Liber IV, Part 2) as the means to compel holy obedience, and this in turn solidifies the correct devotion required within the heart of the Philosophus. Else, it may be that the forthcoming Adept-ship be cast as a thing of evil.

The ceremonial construction and consecration of the Wand is formed and performed with whatever skill is currently possessed by the Philosopher, and following the instructions in Liber CDXII. However, some suggested guidance is now included for consideration, but may be disregarded in favour of other methods.

Let the practical construction be focused that suitable energies from the Philosopher, this greatly affected and enhanced by the state of self, be infused into the Wand.

Let the Temple be arranged that the Wand, although accompanied by other tools, is the central focus.

Let the method of construction be reflected in the ceremony. Every action necessary to complete the Wand is symbolically represented.

Let the ‘Deed to represent the Universe’ be formed as the name of the wand, and this as the word of the will.

Let a method of charging be included in the ceremony, and let it be compatible with the method used in the construction.

Let the ceremony be finished with the wrapping of the Wand in the fiery scarlet silk covering and placed within the Altar for three days and nights, and let the thoughts of the Philosophus constantly wander back to the Wand, yet resisting the urge to unwrap it until the three days have elapsed.