Practical Operations of the Goetia for the Philosophus

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It is impossible to use the Goetia and not summon the spirits contained therein. Getting them to leave you alone is another matter entirely.

The Adept may throw open the gates of Hell and travel through the atrocities without concern or molestation by the creatures of the pit. Likewise, the Adept may ascend to the complete intoxication of the highest heavens; yet retain the sense of self. So it is that the Philosophus must prove to him or herself that one type of strength does exist in sufficient quantity and quality to justify their transmutation into that which is gold.

The approved method, being the practical operations of the Goetia, not only provides proof that such strength exists, but also completes the minimum training required in the creation of Talismans and the workings of Evocation.

There is a massive amount of adaptation possible with all of the Goetic material, but it is strongly recommended that the Philosophus change nothing.

Let the Philosophus, as regards the tools, talismans, sigils, and seals required, construct them as close to the specifications as possible.

Let the ceremonial components be retained in the format provided, and this especially concerning the spirit and god names included therein.

Let the protective measures be of greatest concern and every skill possessed employed in establishing such measures.

The Philosophus should be ready for any possible break in the physical, mental or spiritual protective measures, and must be capable of thwarting any infection, obsession or possession by the spirits with which he or she conjures. Such is the measure of strength that should be within one who claims to dwell within the house of Victory.

Let the Philosophus who is unconvinced of his or her strength in these matters, re-secure all that has been attained, identifying the lacking qualities and deal with them on the lowest, that these then may rise to the highest.

Should the worst possible result occur, seek assistance, for this would be pre-planned by any diligent Philosophus before commencing such operations.