Zelator Grade Self Initiation

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The tasks of the Zelator are tested over the course of their grade as they are completed. The final test of the Zelator, administered by one of a higher grade, may be given in many diverse ways. However it is administered, if the Zelator successfully triumphs over the final ordeal, he or she is immediately pronounced a Practicus.

The Invisible House Society has devised its own method of testing, delivered in a subtle way, without the Zelator fully realizing the nature of the test until the trial has been passed or failed. Any member of a grade above Zelator is capable of designing a suitable method of testing. Such testing must include:

* A method of challenging the developed strengths that would instantly defeat the Neophyte, but pose no serious difficulty to the Zelator.

* Success reveals the truth of the method employed, and it is this clarity that tempers the whirling fire and dips the bucket into the well that the tree may be watered.

Finding strength adequate to justify a favorable verdict, the Zelator passes the grade test and is scheduled for the Seal of Love grade entrance ritual.

The Aspirant is instructed to, after great consideration, contemplate his or her motto and any perceived need for changing it. Additionally instructed to bring a new Record and Journal to the grade entrance ritual.

Let the Zelator make a record of the grade test as the last entry in the Magick Journal and Record for the grade.

Let the Zelator take careful note of the application of the grade test above and its two essential requirements.

Let the practical tasks of the grade be reviewed, and from this, suitable tests composed.

Let the Star Ruby ritual be performed with strongest intent and with the most forceful banishing within the capability of the Zelator.

Let the Zelator perfectly recite one chapter of Liber CCXX.

Let the Zelator finish by applying those suitable tests composed by his or her ingenium.

If the Zelator commits to passage into the grade of Practicus, let him or her follow these steps:

1) Consider, with great care and deliberation, the need to change his or her motto, and act accordingly.

2) Let the Magick Record and Journal for the grade of Zelator be finished with an account of the self-testing and the results of the testing for strength.

3) Let the Zelator acquire a new Magick Record and Journal for the grade of Practicus.

4) Let the last task of the Zelator and the first task of the Practicus be a rewriting of the Seal of Love grade entrance ritual (see below) suitable to self-initiation.

5) Let the ritual be the first entry in the Magick Record and an account of the writing the first entry in the Magick Journal.

Let the Zelator, armed with his or her Sword & Dagger, and with Light; begin by securing the House of Mercury, being the place of comprehension and restraint.

Challenger: Whence comest thou?

Zelator: From the East, the place of Light.

Challenger: What didst thou see in the place of Light?

Zelator: That which is Below and Above.

Challenger: Whence goest thou?

Zelator: To the West, in search of Love.

Challenger: Thou must first be in perfect silence.

Zelator: [Sign of  Silence].

Challenger: Thou must see and move on thy own.

Zelator: I do and will.

Challenger: Thou must see thyself.

Zelator: I will.

Challenger: Who will bare witness to the accomplishments?

Endorser: I do and I will.

Challenger: Then I the Guardian of the Palace, hereby grant thee entrance to the West, that ye may seek Love. Know ye that entrance to the next grade will not be granted until thou hast been received by invitation (if notified of a motto change, add: “That thou mayest be known in this court by the Initiated, ye shall herein be called (motto).”).

Practicus: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All Assembled: Love is the law, love under will.