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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings from Earth and Heaven,

The Invisible House Society (IH) was formed with the intention of training all individuals interested and suited to the Magical and Mystical path of initiation. The foundation of our training is based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley in accordance with the formula of the Law of Thelema.

All systems of Magick and Mysticism are accepted by the society, as all systems are equally valid and will function well, if only the heart of the student is pure and strives to understand the intent. The nature of Thelemic Magick is already an assimilation of teachings from around the world, reconstructed and integrated into the current of our times. Some of these traditions include work with the astral planes, the Qabalah, the forms of yoga, and the rituals and ceremonies. These are just a few of the systems that have been incorporated to form the foundation of the strong and balanced student. The instruction provided establishes a minimum standard with which each Aspirant is enabled to communicate with and teach others; and especially to understand and work his or her will upon the earth. With this intention, a grade structure used by the A∴ A∴ (Astron Argon), and based on the structure of the Tree of Life, is employed by the society.

If these concepts are in accordance with your own, the Invisible House Society extends an invitation as prescribed within our Charter:

3.1 Candidates passing the Probationer grade test must be granted the grade of Neophyte, if they have chosen to accept it, with the rights, privileges and obligations herein set forth.

3.2 Neophytes are, by definition, full Members of The Society. The rights of a Member shall include, but not be limited to, an equal voice in all Branch decisions, a vote at the Branch’s Annual Meeting, and equal right to elected positions.

3.3 New Members must have their names registered with The Society for official recognition.

3.4 Members are required to take an Oath of Discretion to protect the privacy of other Members and Candidates.

3.5 Members may accept Candidates; and this to include initiating, training, and administering grade tests.

3.6 Members are not obligated to initiate, train, or accept Candidates.

3.7 Members are not obligated to belong to or adhere to any Branch of The Society. Members may choose to be Solitary or Members At Large.

3.8 Members may form a separate autonomous Branch of the Society.

3.9 Members are permitted and encouraged to participate and hold membership in any and all organizations that they find beneficial or desirable, and this without exception, explanation, justification, or fear of reprisal for such association from The Society. Such affiliations promote cooperation and understanding between magical societies and other institutions or schools of thought.

3.10 Attainment in the Zelator, Practicus, and Philosophus grades must be verified by any Member of a higher grade within the IH for official recognition within the Society.

3.11 Adepts of the IH, so recognized by The Society, must be invited to join the Vault of Adepts. No Adept, recognized as such, is required to join the Vault.

3.12 No Member of The Society may charge money or any other form of material gain for admittance, training, or grade testing, and any attempt to do so is unequivocal grounds for immediate expulsion. 
Further, Members are to be discouraged from charging for any Magical services rendered, and this to include divination, exorcisms, and other common services, as the virtue of the act is too easily weakened or lost when a fee is levied. However, to do so does not constitute grounds for reprimand, condemnation or expulsion.

3.13 Members may resign from the Society at any time by writing to the Vault of Adepts, and this without consequence from The Society.

3.14 Any Member or Candidate who has been asked to leave a Branch of the Society or has been expelled from the Society may appeal the decision first to those who rendered it, then to the Vault of Adepts. Each case will be decided upon its own merits, but the Vault retains final authority on all such matters. Appeals will not be permitted to undermine the autonomy of Branches as set out in Article 6.01.

3.15 Any Candidate who has previously been admitted to The Society as a Probationer, but not completed the requirements for Membership, may reapply for admission in the same or a different Branch but will be subject to the decision of the membership, which will be based on all available information, including the reason(s) for not fulfilling the requirements previously, as well as any mitigating circumstances that might pertain to re-admittance.

Any Member or Probationer who has completed the requirements for Membership but has left The Society voluntarily may reapply for Membership and upon re-admittance will be subject to any assessment and testing that may be required to determine or reaffirm attainment.

Membership within the Invisible House Society can involve a close repartée with a working group (branch) on a regular basis or verified methods of self-initiation. Members strive to find their True Wills, which enables each person to act according to their true nature. The society will endeavor to aid (insofar as it is necessary and proper) each aspirant in the journey to be made along the path of enlightenment.

The attainment of this power of self entreats a large responsibility in itself. The understanding and the mastery of the self is essential to the Magician, otherwise, the student will miss the whole point of the experience of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty, and will not be capable of establishing within this centered-self the Law.

It must be understood that the society will only train students who are willing, and whom we feel are capable and suited to these studies. The society has never and will never charge money for magical instruction; nor for membership. 

The first student grade is that of Probationer. This status is that of a guest. Only after its completion does the opportunity for Full Membership exist. The Probationer has up to, but not more than, one year to complete the grade. The grade is designed to expose the student to all of the main branches of Magick and Mysticism, and to provide the opportunity to experience these branches with an open mind. At the end of the Probationary grade, the student makes a decision: whether or not to continue and to begin the work of the Neophyte.

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Love is the law, love under will.