Purpose and Method of the Probationer Grade

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Herein we make the Aspirant fully aware of the components of the Probationary Grade, that he or she may be admitted, having been duly informed of the tasks of the grade, and the requirements necessary to advance.

Entrance: Undergoes the Probationer’s Initiation (see below), taking the oath and receiving the first instruction of their grade. This initiation is not binding and the Probationer may cease their studies and withdraw without consequence.

Objectives: To begin studying the general history and the different systems of Magick and Mysticism, for the purpose of establishing within themselves their suitability for initiation into the next grade. The Probationer accomplishes the tasks of their grade in preparation for the grade test.

1. Initiation.
2. Complete the tasks of the Grade List.
3. Complete the Required Reading
4. Complete the Magick Record and Journal of the grade work.
5. Verify suitability.
6. Pass the grade test.
7. Complete preparations to advance to the grade of Neophyte.
Results: Properly maintained Magick Record and Journal of the grade. The Magick Record to be submitted for review before the grade test.

Verification: Submit required essay and pass the grade test to verify suitability for Initiation into the grade of Neophyte.

Advancement: Upon successfully completing the grade work and passing of the grade test, the Probationer must formulate, with deep forethought and intense solemnity, a motto. This magical name is the expression of the highest will and should attempt to express the will of the Neophyte in so far as it is currently comprehended.

Abraxas Method: The Probationer has one solar cycle to complete the tasks of their grade, make the decision to proceed into the next grade, and then prove their capacity to undertake the work of the next grade by passing the grade test.

If the decision to proceed is made and finalized before the full solar cycle has elapsed, there is the danger of an incorrect decision born from haste. This may include any number of factors (For example; not suited for the work, lack of lasting interest, not equipped for the tasks, unable to devote necessary time, etc) not fully contemplated or discovered by the Probationer.

Completion at the end of the solar cycle is strictly enforced, save for extraordinary exceptions born from extreme causes. There are two reasons for limiting the time given to the Probationer:
1) Demonstrates a commitment and willingness to apply themselves to the grade work.
2) Demonstrates the minimum skill level required to undertake the work of the next grade.
The original system of the A∴ A∴ did not impose a time limit on the Probationer. Many frivolous and vain people clung to the Order for years in the grade of Probationer, never advancing. If a Probationer cannot complete the work within one solar cycle, it is a clear indication that something within the Candidate is lacking. It is also likely the Candidate will never advance beyond the Probationary grade. There were a few Probationers that did take more then one solar cycle and went on to become Neophytes, however if a time limit had been imposed, they most likely would have redoubled their efforts and advanced in the time allotted.

The Probationer’s grade is the only grade that imposes a maximum time limit on the student. There are grades that have a minimum time that must be spent before proceeding onto the next grade. Although the Probationer is given a lot of material for General Study, the time limit imposed is offset by thoroughly testing only a few key tasks. However, any of the optional study or practice missed in the Probationary grade must be finished and tested in Neophyte.
Priest(ess): Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Initiate: Love is the law, love under will.

Priest(ess): The word of the law is:

Initiate: Thelema.

Priest(ess): Whence comest thou?

Initiate: I know not.

Priest(ess): Then shalt thou proceed to obtain the scientific knowledge of the nature and powers of thyself and of the Great Work?

Initiate: I do and will.

Priest(ess): Who vouches for thee?

Endorser: I the guider of lost souls.
I (name), in the presence of all here and assembled, man or god, living or spirit, do by an act of my free will, give my solemn oath that I shall keep secret all those things entrusted to my ears alone by this group or its members, except if it be a Brother or Sister of this group who is properly prepared, as I am now: All this I swear upon my existence now, and henceforth forever, and may the Magick I possess now, and henceforth forever turn against me should I wilfully break this most solemn oath.
Priest(ess): Let the Probationer complete (his | her) grade within one solar cycle, whence the test shall be passed, else the Probationer shall be dismissed.

Endorser: Let the Probationer be duly received with feast and celebration.