Self Initiation for the Philosophus

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Entrance into the next grade is by an act of will, of which the many methods that exist lead to the same result, and this confers an office in the Temple of Initiation, confirming the perfect understanding of the Formula of Initiation.

Let the Philosophus make a record of the transition, imbuing it with as great a detail as possible in the Magick Journal and Record for the grade.

Additionally instructed to, after great consideration, contemplate his or her motto and any perceived need for changing it. Also instructed to start a new Record and Journal for the grade.
~ Dominus Liminis ~
Let the Dominus Liminis proceed, in as much as internal and external circumstances allow, in the following order:
1. Attain success in the final practice in Liber III and acquire mastery of Pratyahara and Dharana, as instructed in Liber IV, Part 2.

2. Success in the practices contained in Liber DCCCXXXI, Liber XI and Liber DLV.

3. Forms the solution to the Lighting of the Lamp, which has been called many things, (Key of the Mysteries, Sliding Key, No-Thing, OT, Little-Light, etc.) yet is no more than a certain perspective attained through achieved harmony.

4. Then shall the Aspirant’s one system of Magick be formed, unique to the Aspirant, and completely accomplished whence it is properly named and defined.

5. Having already acquired the perfect understanding of the Formula of Initiation and the solution to the Lighting of the Lamp, the third and final stage of self-sufficiency is achieved.
Thus shall the Dominus Liminis follow the Light of the Lamp through the three paths leading into the House of Beauty, and partake of the mysteries therein.

{None of these practices are easy and it is not to be implied otherwise from such brief instruction as given above.}