Path to the Invisible House Student Workbook

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Path to the Invisible House Front Cover

After years of initiating and training students, it was decided by the founding members to take the proven methods of training and compile them into one resource. One book. This compendium contains all of the necessary instructions for the Probationer, Neophyte, Zelator, Practicus and Philosophus. Now there exists a comprehensive resource for student advancement that encompasses guided-initiation, apprenticed-initiation, and self-initiation with the plethora of oral instructions and demonstrations put into the written word.
This Book is for ALL:
Magick is for ALL:
The Law is for ALL:
The Great Work is not a path for the chosen, but a path we choose to take.
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Trafford Publishing
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Amazon    Barnes and Noble
Most of the material in this book is on this website. We offer the full book in PDF format for the budget challenged students: Path to the Invisible House
Path to the Invisible House Back Cover