Zelator Grade Planetary Operations

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It is easy to underestimate the importance of the planetary rituals, and this causing a lack of effort and producing a weak result. Yet their importance cannot be overstated. Therefore, let the rituals be rightly performed.

Let the Zelator choose five planets, and the choice their own, and his or her reasoning being unnecessary to disclose. Exclusively the Zelator chooses the order, and logic for the order, to which the rituals will be performed.

Let a ritual be constructed for each of the five chosen planets, all distinct in every way from the other.

Let at least one of the rituals be constructed from nothing but the ingenium of the Zelator and the magical alphabet currently possessed, and the four remaining rituals arranged and executed in whatever classical sense is deemed most beneficial (such as a ritual from the Greater Key of Solomon, a ritual of adoration secured by a chapter of Liber VII ).

Let the time and place of the rituals be decided, without assistance, by the Zelator.

Let a symbol be drawn or a word written, during or immediately after the ritual, born as a fruit of the labor and the result produced.

Let the creation, execution and results of the ritual be duly recorded.

If not following a path of self-initiation, and if circumstances permit, the rituals should be witnessed by one of a higher grade. The witness may be volunteered to assist or must otherwise be completely silent and unobtrusive.

There are herb drugs associated with each planet, and if they are used, it must be in a manner complimentary to the ritual and the desired result. Additionally, methods of Sex-Magick may be employed, without or without the assistance of the witness, again it must be complementary to the ritual and the desired result.