Self Initiation for the Practicus

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Progression is by Invitation only.”

Entrance into the next grade is by invitation only. The Philosophus or Adept responsible for the Practicus, constantly assesses the level of completion, and at their sole discretion, confers advancement. In this, it is advised to not include any other voices in the decision, and it is recommended that any assessments as to the accomplishment of the grade work as a whole, not be discussed with the Practicus.

This is a tremendous responsibility. The Practicus not only travels the path of the Tower, they are also not returning to the Pillar of Strength. If perilous errors are perpetrated or endorsed in the advancement, it will stunt the tasks of the next grade. Such errors have been known to turn potential Adepts into destructive forces, with the worse result being a delusional charlatan.

After the invitation has been extended and accepted, the Practicus is further confirmed in the Seal of Liberty grade entrance ritual.

The Practicus is hereby notified that the left foot is now sunk into the hallowed ground of the portal.

Additionally, instructed to, after great consideration, contemplate his or her motto and any perceived need for changing it. Additionally instructed to bring a new Record and Journal to the grade entrance ritual.

Let the Practicus make a record of the grade transition as the last entry in the Magick Journal and Record for the grade.
Self Initiation and the Way Forward
To self-proclaim oneself a Philosophus without an invitation is to undertake a dark step. It cast the Aspirant into a dark light. Therefore, if necessary to proceed, proceed in secret until both feet stand after the portal, which is the veil parted by the Golden Key, cut by the hand of the Aspirant. If in silence, with the way of the Hermit as thy guide, great will the leap be, yet bone chilling, and no blackness shall touch the heart and no darkness obscure the path. If in any other way the path forward is trodden, the worse result is the inevitable outcome.

The remaining option is to seek out a suitable teacher, prove the current level of attainment, and receive an invitation. This is an unlikely choice for any who have proceeded thus far in solitary advancement.

If the Practicus commits to passage into the grade of Philosophus, let him or her proceed as follows:

Let the Practicus be secret in his or her advancement.

Let assistance be sought without revealing a place, even if forced to deny the obvious.

Let great care and deliberation be taken in the need, if any, to change his or her motto, and act accordingly.

Let the Magick Record and Journal for the grade of Practicus be finished with an account of the deliberations leading to the decision to advance into the next grade.

Let the Practicus acquire a new Magick Record and Journal for the grade of Philosophus.

Let the last task of the Practicus and the first task of the Philosophus be a rewriting of the Seal of Liberty (below) grade entrance ritual suitable to self-initiation.

Let the ritual be the first entry in the Magick Record and an account of the writing the first entry in the Magick Journal.

Let the Practicus, holding up the Cup wherein the Lustral Waters are contained; begin by securing the House of Venus, being the place of deliberation.

Challenger: Whence comest thou?

Practicus: From the West, the place of Love.

Challenger: What didst thou see in the place of Love?

Practicus: Existence as pure joy.

Challenger: Whence goest thou?

Practicus: Into the Palace, to secure Liberty.

Challenger: Art thou as my (brother | sister), in this, the Great Work?

Practicus: I am.

Challenger: Then I, by virtue of my office, invite thee into the Palace, that ye may, with Wand and Will, Light the Lamp (If notified of a motto change, add: “That thou mayest be known in this court by the Initiated, ye shall herein be called (motto).”).

Philosophus: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All Assembled: Love is the law, love under will.  

Zelator: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All Assembled: Love is the law, love under will.