Neophyte Grade Pentacle

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The first Pantacle is created as a symbol to represent the universe, and is based on the formula of the Pentagram. Pantacles are symbolic representations of the universe and there are many forms, both general and specific, they can take.

The Pantacle constructed by the Neophyte is based upon his or her current understanding of the realm that has been entered and of the tasks surrounding the sphere wherein they reside, which is Malkuth. However, it must still be as universal as possible to aid in encompassing the broadened perspective within. The Neophyte will find guidance in the sections on Gemetria and the Magical Alphabet provided in Liber DCCLXXII. The Pentacle is cast from pure wax, bees’ wax being most suitable, into a circle, with a recommended diameter of eight inches and a thickness of half an inch.

Additionally, let it be considered that the essence of a human is a direct reflection of the universe and this micro-macro reflection can be used as the foundation of the design. However, to do this properly requires a balancing of the male-female reflection within the application of the symbols chosen and arranged. The Baphomet drawn by Eliphas Levi is an example of the proper balancing of the sexes. It may also be that the Neophyte considers a system of symbols far more abstract or possibly based on pure mathematics set to symbol or of an intertwined pantheon set to symbol. The design is the Neophyte’s, yet it is recommended that someone of a higher grade approve the finished representation before it is engraved onto the Pentacle. The finished and approved design is first redrawn into the Magick Record and from this source onto the Pentacle.

The Neophyte binds him or herself to Malkuth through comprehension, of which the designing and building of the Pentacle is half of this fastening.

The ceremonial consecration of the Pentacle is the other half of the binding and is performed with all the skill currently possessed and following the instructions in Liber CDXII. However, some suggested guidance is now included for consideration, but may be disregarded in favor of other methods.

Let the practical construction be focused that suitable energies from the Neophyte, this greatly affected by the state of mind, be infused into the Pentacle.

Let the Temple be arranged that the Pentacle, although accompanied by other tools, is the central focus.

Let the method of construction be reflected in the ceremony. Every action necessary to complete the Pentacle is symbolically represented.

Let a method of charging be included in the ceremony, and let it be compatible with the method used in the construction.

Let the ceremony be finished with the wrapping of the Pentacle in the emerald green silk covering and placed within the Altar for three days and nights, and let the thoughts of the Neophyte constantly wander back to the Pentacle, yet resisting the urge to unwrap it until the three days have elapsed.