Self Initiation for the Neophyte

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The Neophyte grade shall last at least eight months before proceeding to the grade of Zelator.”

The Neophyte grade test is designed to verify adequate intellectual and analytical advancement, and to confirm a minimum of balance has been maintained.

Prelude: The Neophyte presents him or herself to the Examiner, being a Zelator or of a higher grade, at least twenty-eight days before the required grade test, to entrust the Magick Record and the Pentacle. If the Examiner, after critically evaluating the record and the Pentacle, finds the minimum requirement has been satisfied, the Magick Record and Pentacle are returned to the Neophyte and the time and place of the grade test is set, at least three days in advance of testing.

Grade Test:

1) Random technical questions are asked covering anything of the grade tasks deemed necessary, specifically focusing on the equilibrium of the Neophyte. As many questions as required to verify adequate knowledge and balance justifying advancement to the grade of Zelator. Finding the technical comprehension adequate, the grade test proceeds, else the Neophyte is dismissed.

2) Random questions are asked cover the reading material on the Required Reading List. As many questions as required to verify adequate knowledge justifying advancement to the grade of Zelator. Finding adequate comprehension and review of the reading material, the grade test proceeds, else the Neophyte is dismissed.

3) The Neophyte performs the Star Ruby. Finding adequate skill in the performance of the ritual the grade test proceeds, else the Neophyte is dismissed.

4) The Neophyte perfectly recites one chapter of Liber VII, else the Neophyte is dismissed.

5) The Neophyte demonstrates adequate technical skill in divination, providing a taro reading, else the Neophyte is dismissed.

6) Finding adequate understanding of the processes, commitments, and consequences of advancing into the next grade, the Neophyte passes the grade test and is scheduled for the Seal of Light grade entrance ritual.

7) Additionally, instructed to, after great consideration, contemplate his or her motto and any perceived need for changing it. Additionally instructed to bring a new Record and Journal to the grade entrance ritual.

Let the Neophyte make a record of the grade test as the last entry in the Magick Journal and Record for the grade.

Self Initiation and the Way Forward
Let the Neophyte take careful note of the application of the grade test in the preceding chapter and its procedure and intent.

Let the Star Ruby ritual be performed with strongest intent and with the most forceful banishing within the capability of the Neophyte.

Let the Neophyte recite one chapter of Liber VII, and follow this with a thorough review of the Magick Record and Journal.

Let the Neophyte finish by applying suitable tests designed to ensure balance:

1. Was ‘some part’ of each pathway accomplished in the three forms of understanding, practical application and spiritual development?

2. Were the Four Powers of the Sphinx adequately tested and truthfully accomplished?

3. Did any aspect of the grade work provide such difficulty that the tasks associated were avoided and left in any way unfinished?

4. Has proper self-examination been done to ensure that the self has not been consumed by mania or arrogance or depression?

If the Neophyte commits to passage into the grade of Zelator, let him or her follow these steps:

1) Consider, with great care and deliberation, the need to change his or her a motto, and act

2) Let the Magical Record and Journal for the grade of Neophyte be finished with an account of the self-testing and the results of the testing for balance.

3) Let the Neophyte acquire a new Magick Record and Journal for the grade of Zelator.

4) Let the last task of the Neophyte and the first task of the Zelator be a rewriting of the Seal of Light grade entrance ritual (see below) suitable to self-initiation.

5) Let the ritual be the first entry in the Magick Record and an account of the writing the first entry in the Magick Journal.

Let the Neophyte, armed with his or her Pentacle and with Liberty; begin by securing the House of the Moon, being the place of retribution and redemption.
Challenger: Whence comest thou?

Neophyte: From the North, the place of Darkness.

Challenger: What didst thou see in the place of Night?

Neophyte: The world of the waking.

Challenger: Whence goest thou?

Neophyte: To the East, in search of Light.

Challenger: Thou must have fortitude and strength.

Neophyte: [Sign of the Enterer].

Challenger: Thou must be wakened.

Neophyte: I do and will.

Challenger: Thou must slay thyself.

Neophyte: I will.

Challenger: Who will bare witness to the accomplishments?

Endorser: I do and I will.

Challenger: Then I the Guardian of the Palace, hereby grant thee entrance to the East, that ye may seek the Light. Know ye that entrance to the next grade will not be granted until thou hast tempered the spiritual fire and been witnessed (if notified of a motto change, add: “That thou mayest be known in this court by the Initiated, ye shall herein be called (motto)”).

Zelator: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All Assembled: Love is the law, love under will.