Magical Alphabet for the Neophyte

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The arrangement of the numbers is best understood by examination of the table below. The numbers of the Key Scale are values designated according to function and placement upon the Tree of Life. They are not arbitrary, and they have their basis within the Qabalah, and form a refined mathematical system of attainment. The tables formed, using the Key Scale, are consistent and easily referenced.

The Key Scale is a very simple and effective means of charting out related ideas and things. The only true complications are the numbers 32 bis and 31 bis. It is possible that the Neophyte might instantly reconcile these double attributions to the 31st and 32nd paths, having possibly acquired an understanding from the accomplishment of the three pathways from Malkuth required in their grade work. An explanation is still required, as a demonstration of intellectual understanding.

Each stage of evolution refines the systems of all the branches of Magick. The nature of a pathway does not change, but the refining of the definition does. The path of Shin (path 31) has always been recognized as the element of fire, and the early Qabalist knew that one aspect or facet of fire is spirit, for the spirit is a type of fire. The essence of the element is two-fold and attempting to separate them demonstrates a lack of understanding.

The Qabalah being an oral tradition, this duality was easily conveyed from teacher to student. However, when the Qabalah was first written down, many components of the oral instruction were not included, for whatever reason. Over time these components were rediscovered, understood, and a suitable means was found to express them. This process continues, and will persevere with further refinements.

The joining within the path of Tau (path 32) is somewhat more difficult to reconcile, being the twin nature of the planetary Saturn and the four elements of the Earth. Therefore:

Let the Neophyte examine the joining within the 32nd path and write down an adequate explanation of the two-fold combination.

{This is often submitted with the explanation beginning as follows; the element and planet are both heavy and solid… –– these observations are completely correct, but are not, in themselves, a sufficient explanation of the twin-nature.}

The Key Scale

The Key Scale for the Tree of Life

Theoretical Construction to Practical Application

     What is all of this for?

     Why draw this and chart that?
     Where is this leading?

There is a method of ascending the Tree of Life without any study, charting or cross-referencing. It does not require any intellectual or philosophical understanding. It does not require any preparation or suitability. It only requires steadfast determination. The end result of this type of ascension has been seen many times. Messiahs with noble intentions, attempting to elevate humankind, bringing only false salvation and earthly abomination. They did not possess the skills necessary to prevent the perversion of their message.

Enlightenment by itself is not sufficient to the accomplishment of the Great Work, for nothing lasting is accomplished by the discovery of the True Will if the ability to extend it upon the work, balanced and equilibrated, is not adequately developed. It is no longer enough to simply waken upon the tree, aspire to the angel, and then ascend to the operations of the Crown, without first obtaining and balancing the spiritual powers. Without the skill of tools, impotence will overshadow the desire and the need to share this enlightenment with the world.

Therefore, let the intellectual and philosophical development always balance with direct experience born from the nature of the work. Let not imbalance create a scholar possessing knowledge, yet lacking in application. Let not the spiritual powers be developed without an understanding, in one form or another, to provide adequate judgment. Lack of balance may also lead to fear (inferiority complex) or arrogance (superiority complex), both of which are capable of great atrocity.

If imbalance is found within the Neophyte, they must not proceed into the next grade, even if they are fully accomplished in their tasks. For the nature of the next grade will cause mental collapse, mania or death if attempted without a minimum of balance and these risks increase exponentially for the self-initiated.

It must also be stated that most Neophytes, upon seeing or being properly shown, the erroneous flaws in their development, can easily correct any flaws (if the flaws are accepted as authentic). What has been thus far been given contains many methods of correction through self-reflection.

     What is all of this for? Three-fold strength!
     Why draw this and chart that? Two-parts of strength!

     Where is this leading? Understanding and purpose!

Building the System
Hereto a great many tables have been provided in Sections One and Two, and all of these charts have included the Key Scale. The Neophyte is instructed to thoroughly study Liber 777, and then create his or her own book of tables, each containing the Key Scale on the right side column. The tables supplied in Liber 777 and within this book provide an adequate beginning. It is left completely to the discretion of the Neophyte to decide how many tables are required now, and how many tables will be added later. This is best determined by calculating the current needs.

The system of Key Scale tables was designed to be significantly expanded and sorted, until it eventually reflects the unique systems and nature of the Magician.

The Neophyte is also instructed to study Liber D, and begin copying and adding to the dictionary, as time and need dictates. In the previous grade, instructions were given to create a Gematria volume containing a page for each number, leaving the reverse of every page blank. The blank back of each page should now be used to create the Sepher Sephiroth dictionary.

As the dictionary is compiled, the Neophyte will slowly begin to comprehend that everything associated to any given number has a definitive link or sympathy. The many operations contained in the grades following Neophyte will have more depth and continuity, as the associations in the dictionary become obvious.

The Neophyte, before proceeding to the next grade, should have a Magick Record overflowing with information, a Gematria volume containing the numerical correspondences hereto encountered, a minimum set of tables necessary to accomplish the tasks of the grade, and a modest beginning to their personal dictionary of Sepher Sephiroth. Further, all of these should be oriented to the unique inner nature of the constructor, and be imbued with what can only be described as the personality of the designer.

There is a small danger of the Neophyte spending excessive time on these projects and subsequently neglecting the other tasks of the grade. However, this is not usually a significant problem until the grade of Practicus.