Astral Projection for the Neophyte

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The accomplished experience from astral travel, in whatever form and by whatever method, will fundamentally change the perception of the traveler. If the material plane is that of the sleepers and the astral is the waking, then the astral training will allow the waking of the Neophyte, even in the world of sleepers. Put another way, the Neophyte will gain, as a natural consequence, a higher-sight that allows the true essence and energies of all things to be seen, and this with little more than a moments’ focus.

The result is the unmasking of people and things, which provides a means of discerning the true nature of most things. This has been called the aura or radiance, and these labels are as good as any, but slightly misleading. The aura is not a glowing frame, although this is certainly present, but the identifying of the energy within a thing, and the nature of the energy projected from a thing. Therefore, Initiates shall know one another on sight, accurately gauging the level of attainment present, without a word being uttered. Also, the virtues, or lack thereof, of the sleepers shall be made apparent and this provides Initiates with the opportunity to converse with the noble and dispel the unjust. Moreover, the second-sight that can observe the invisible nature of the astral, which mirrors the material (Called the Astral Light, being the omnipresent fluid of extremely fine matter diffused throughout the manifest universe and penetrating every form and object.), and this is a method of clairvoyance, being the discovering or finding of things hidden or secret to the sleepers.

The exposure and exploration of the astral planes and waking of the Neophyte are the methods of attainment used to ascend the path of Tau into the next grade. The complete method of the attainment of this pathway is now to be set forth.

★ ★ ★

The methods of astral development are precise and the progression measurable, with stages that include: the forming and strengthening of the ‘Body of Light’, also called the ‘Astral Body’ (Also known by many other names, including the Astral Double, the Fine Body, Body of Fire, etc.); the transference of consciousness, the transiting into the Material World; the elevation to the Astral Planes (overlapping the formative world); a method of attaining to the Magical Plane; and the observations possible with the ‘Higher-Sight’. 

Each stage contains an introduction, practical exercises presented in continuous steps, and a method of measurement being the required result(s) that will allow the minimum development of each stage before continuing on with the next step. Neophytes within the Invisible House Society have used the training provided within the instruction that follows successfully for many years.  

Body of Light: The forming and strengthening of the Body of Light is the first step, and the most important. If enough definitive form and cohesion is not developed, all further operations of astral are weakened. Every living person has the natural ability to form a Body of Light, and given enough time will gain some measure of meager success, even with no instruction. However, the Neophyte must create the astral body and build it in strength.  

The astral body can, with absolute devotion, be strengthened to such solidity that it would fool the sleepers into believing it to be the physical body, yet the Neophyte is not expected to reach this level of mastery.

Step One –– Infusion

Let the Neophyte assume a supine position with palms flat to the ground and feet pointed down – on any comfortable surface and within any pleasant, quiet and dark space.

Let the body be slowly stretched and the muscles relaxed:

  1. Curl the toes (big toes over), clench – then relax.
  2. Point the tips of the feet down, stretching the legs – then relax.
  3. Flex the legs tight (not shifting position) – then relax.
  4. Rock the pelvis up, clench – then relax.
  5. Suck in the stomach – then relax.
  6. Lift the shoulders, clench – then relax.
  7. Make the hands into fists (thumbs over), clench – then relax.
  8. Stretch the tips of the hands down, stretching the arms – then relax.
  9. Flex the arms tight (not shifting position) – then relax.
  10. Tuck chin to chest – then relax.
  11. Stretch the neck up – then relax.

Let many deep breaths be taken and released with slow exhalations, and with each slow exhale, the body becomes heavier. The physical body should become at first heavy and then numb.

Let the Neophyte relax the deep breaths into a steady rhythmic breathing. With each inhale; energy is pulled in through the feet, through the body and out the crown, and this as one evenly flowing wave. With each exhalation; energy is pulled in through the crown, through the body and out the feet, and this as one evenly flowing wave.

Required Result(s): a clear indication of success is the astral vibration, which is a startling quake through the astral body. This vibration is unmistakable when it rattles through the astral body and the lack of movement in the physical body is so disconcerting as to snap most Neophytes out of their meditation. When the vibration is felt and passes without a complete break in concentration then the Neophyte is proficient enough to continue on with the next step.

Step Two –– Separation

Let the Neophyte, retaining concentration after the astral vibration, at first picture a method for the separation of the Body of Light from that of the physical body (Any method can be pictured for the separation of the light and the heavy bodies. For example, slowly rising above, sitting up, rolling over, etc. ), followed by the pictured method being accomplished, and this by an Extension of the Will.

Although some experience in purposefully Extending the Will has been gained, a few more words on the subject are prudent; the pictured action is willed in the same way that a physical arm is moved by will. The conscious mind pictures the arm lifting, the will extends, the body reacts with the appropriate response and all this happens in a nanosecond. The same method is used, but the physical body is replaced by the astral body. The willing of the separation can still be a matter of a nanosecond or it can take much longer, as the physical nervous system is replaced with the purer form of energy that takes the place of the nerve impulses with something altogether different.

Required Result(s) when the separation is successful and can be maintained long enough to accomplish the third step, then the Neophyte is ready to proceed.

Consciousness: The transference of consciousness from the physical to the astral body is significantly aided by the clear realization and acceptance that the Body of Light is as substantial as the physical body. Until this is affirmed in the mind of the Neophyte, there will be a general lack of trust in the Body of Light. This lack of trust can and usually does inhibit the proper or complete transference of the conscious self. Travel is still possible with a minimum of retained consciousness, but is akin to being blind, deaf, mute and clumsy.

Step Three –– Transference

Let the Neophyte waken the vision of the astral body, and this is accomplished by picturing the opening of the eyes. If unsuccessful, concentrate instead on simple movements (swinging of the arms, kicking of the feet, rocking back and forth) and with some success, return to the opening of the eyes. The opening of the eyes, more properly defined as the waking vision, is the first small transference of consciousness.

Let full attention be turned to the sensations of the astral body and although different than the sensations of the physical body, there is still a counter-relation of sensation. Awareness of the forces affecting the astral body is the second step in the transference of consciousness.

Required Result(s) when the astral sight is opened and awareness of the astral body and its state is attained, the Neophyte is ready to proceed to the next step. It may also be, in weaker states of accomplishment, that the vision is a rapidly moving blur. This is caused by the conscious mind rejecting the astral vision. Continuous exposure will slowly settle the mind until the astral view is relatively normal.

Material World: One plane of the astral exists as a mirror of the material world, but this mirror is a reflection of energy and essence. This can be at first very confusing and the likeness of a thing seen as energy founded in invisible matter (as opposed to sleeping vision that sees matter founded with invisible energy) will make it difficult to identify all but the most mundane things. Accurately identifying a thing of the material when in the astral is a most advanced skill, and a most useful one.

The training of this is accomplished by the higher-sight wakened in the world of the sleepers, and it is this that allows the identification of things in the material world to be seen as they exist in the astral. This is a method of reverse learning. The ability to see in the astral body, even with no comprehension, automatically wakens the higher-sight while in the physical. Complete instruction in this is given below (Higher-Sight).

Step Four –– Moving

Let the Neophyte, in the astral body and having successfully transferred the consciousness, move through the material plane to any desired place. Movement within the material by the astral body is a very different process, in spite of this, it is also a very simple process, but nonetheless practice is required.

Required Result(s) when a level of comfort is attained in the process of moving about, the Neophyte proceeds to the next step. It will also be noted that the astral body is constrained to the material in the same way as that of the physical body. For example, after leaving the body, an attempt is made to reach the moon; the result will likely be the sliding into a different astral plane, and not necessarily that of the moon.

Astral Planes: It is impossible to fully detail the nature of symbols. A symbol is a living thing, a representation, a thing unto itself, a spirit, the true essence of existence, and in practical application it is never just a symbol but part of a system of symbols. The Neophyte moves to the different planes by fixing symbols suitable to the destination both in the form without and the substance within. The Neophyte will be unable to accomplish the next step without a minimum amount of progress in Asana, Pranayama, and Dharana. This is not to say that an elevated level is required, but some small success in each.

Step Five –– Elevation

Let the Neophyte suitably arrange the Temple and assume a seated Asana posture within a properly constructed circle. The comfort of the Asana should be the same as that of any flat supine position; else enough progress has not been achieved to accomplish this step.

Let the consciousness be singularly focused on the symbols of the destination and the senses consumed by suitable methods. For example, if the desired plane is that of the planet Mars, an appropriate symbol(s) is strongly fixed, and the incense and general atmosphere adapted to the nature of the planet.

Let the Body of Light lift out and transit directly to the desired destination and let the Neophyte use extreme caution not to grant power to any being that might be encountered.

Let the exploration of any plane be conducted as one who is absolute Master over all manifestations within any plane. If overwhelmed and faltering in will or authority, the operation should be immediately stopped, the Star Ruby ritual diligently done, and the first four steps revisited until the Neophyte is better equipped to handle the various planes of the astral.

Required Result(s) when the method is such that any success is gained and dominance secured, the Neophyte may attempt to elevate the Body of Light onto the Magical Plane. This is a means of pushing the advancement and taxing the small mastery hereto attained. For it is the striving ever onward, and in this case upward, that continuous progress is made.

Magical Plane: The highest plane of exalted living symbols is the Magical Plane. All other planes exist within it but in a purified form. The reaching of this plane is by any formula that contains the supreme adorations. The Neophyte is given a perfected method of attaining this plane in the study Liber VII and further to this, the memorizing of one chapter of Liber VII.

Step Six –– Adoration

Let the Neophyte suitably arrange the Temple and assume a seated Asana posture within a properly constructed circle.

Let the perfect recitation of a chapter from Liber VII be thy adoration and method of transiting to the Magical Plane.

Required Result(s) if the attempt is sincere the benefit is self-evident.

Higher-Sight: The waking and refining of the higher-sight in the course of everyday life is the seeing of the material from the view of the astral, but this is done while in the physical body. It is then a matter of identifying the look of a thing, while in the physical body and then re-examining the same thing while in the Body of Light.

Step Seven –– Extrapolation

Let the Neophyte in the physical body examine many things, both active and inactive, and record the essence of each thing.

Let the same things be examined while in the astral body and the record updated on the similarities or lack thereof.

Required Result(s) the thing examined in both states should be identical.

Integration: After every astral working, regardless of the progress made or lack thereof, it is important to align the astral and physical bodies or, in the words of the Master Therion – “Your Body of Light may wander away uncontrolled, and be attacked and obsessed. You will become aware of this through the occurrence of headache, bad dreams, or even more serious signs such as hysteria, fainting fits, possibly madness or paralysis.”

*After every Step –– Aligning

Let the Neophyte, after every astral working, assume the Sign of Silence, then lifting the sign (using the hand pressed against the lips to then touch the forehead) and vibrating a suitable name, being that of Harpocrates, Aum, Babalon or Therion and thereby regaining a unity of consciousness. If the result is uncertain, let the Star Ruby ritual follow.

★ ★ ★

Although the Master Therion maps the planes, in as much as they can be reasonably charted, no such attempt will be made here. It is left to the Student to read the descriptions provided by the Master Therion, but doubly recommended that the personal explorations be carefully recorded and compiled into a map by the Student. 

It should be obvious that the above instruction is, for the most part, the method and not a complete instruction on the exploration of the astral planes. The Neophyte takes up the task of exploration in any way they may deem fitting. Advice may be found in various writings, but this is never to be used as a substitute for the inner pull and desired direction of the traveler.

The use of any narcotic or herb drug should not be employed to further astral exploration until the above minimum (excluding any attempts to explore the Magical Plane) has been attained without such assistance. Hashish is the most effective for such operations and its properties and proper usage is fully detailed in “The Herb Dangerous (Part I – IV)” which can be found in ‘The Equinox, Volume I’. It has also been printed in a separate edition. If the results of the astral work are not solidly confirmed to the satisfaction of the Neophyte, then it is strongly recommended that the use of any drug for astral exploration be delayed until the grade of Adept has been achieved.

It is appropriate at this time to provide some valuable insight into the use of narcotics and herb drugs.

v                  The Student should carefully research a drug before attempting to use it to elevate their Magical and Mystical undertakings. The specific applications of the drug should be thoroughly understood.

v                  Natural, unrefined drugs are usually more effective than artificial narcotics. However, many natural drugs contain poisons and in some, the poison is the catalyst creating the altered state.

v                  Highly addictive substances should be completely avoided by all Students and only experimented with by Adepts possessing indomitable wills.

v                  The use of drugs is not essential for the elevation of the work. The use of drugs is an optional aid.

The Student should not fear the use of any means required to further their training and this especially includes social stigmas attached to such methods. However, consideration must be given to the law of the land and the possible consequences of breaking that law. It is left to the Student to weigh the possible consequences against the possible rewards. It must also be unequivocally stated that any form of induced intoxication, does not absolve the Student of the burden of responsibility resulting from any unworthy actions perpetrated, while so intoxicated.

★ ★ ★

The Neophyte shall not pass, nor desire to pass into the next grade without some measure of success in each step (excluding any attempts to explore the Magical Plane, which is more adequately attacked in the next grade), as provided above, for the tasks of the Zelator cannot be accomplished without a minimum level of astral experience and the resulting higher-sight that is produced. 

Journey in the Spirit Vision 

The Neophyte is warned not to substitute one reality for any other. The transmission, in whatever form, ripped from the interior consciousness and exposed to the conscious vision, should not be given any more or less legitimacy than anything acquired by the conscious vision through use of the senses. A blooming lotus flower sprung from the soil is as real or unreal as the blooming lotus flower sprung from the conceptualized inner vision. It can be accurately stated that existence is an illusion and this realization should extend to all levels of perception equally. 

★ ★ ★

There is no difference, when viewed from above, between the Astral Planes and the Journey in the Spirit Vision, however it is necessary to treat them separately. In this way, proper instruction will produce, at first, separate results, and later, these two methods will be seen as a complete form of the same thing.

★ ★ ★ 

The method is simple; the exploration of the hidden interior through visions. The result is obvious; the examination of the visions by the conscious mind. The hidden interior of every man and woman contains the higher-self and the solution to every aspect of existence. 
            The Student examines the visions, the Adept communicates with the visions, and the Magus exists within the vision. It is an easy delusion for the Student to believe that control over a vision translates into communication within the vision. However, communication achieved by the Adept is independent from the conscious mind, and therefore, not a matter of control. Becoming completely immersed within a vision and temporarily loosing the sense of self is not the same as the Magus existing within the vision.
            The Neophyte must explore the hidden interior, exposing the darkness to the light, achieving whatever depth of understanding and experience is possible, and this is completely dependant on the current level of development. The only adequate test for the level of Spirit Vision attained is found in the ability of the Neophyte to accomplish the tasks of the next grade.
            Suitable exercises have been included in the last chapter of Part 8, ‘Meditations for the Neophyte’ and are meant to provide adequate examples of Spirit Vision techniques. The Neophyte must devise his or her own methods of tailoring and expanding the techniques. 

★ ★ ★

The use of any narcotics or herb drugs can be recommended for all meditations and all levels of Spirit Vision, provided that the previous advice in the use of any mind-altering drugs is heeded. That said, psychedelic drugs provide the most benefit, and have the advantage of not being addictive.